Enlarge Image action for tiles

Sometimes all I want is to showcase the image displayed in a tile. Perhaps include the Enlarge Image action for tiles/cards?


I was wondering the same thing. Before we had that option of Gallery for lists. We don’t have it anymore tho

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I use the Open Link action to show an enlarged image from a tile. Web view works too, but for me, web view always shows the image zoomed in. Open link opens the image, but zoomed out. I was never a fan of the enlarge image action, but it’s been awhile since I’ve used it, so maybe it’s better than before.

Except open link takes them outside the app.

I can’t speak for IOS, but for Android it feels pretty seamless. It looks and feels similar to the web view option and enlarge image option. It’s not entirely within the app, but I get the X at the upper left and when I close or hit the back button, it takes me back to where I was in the app. The main difference is I don’t have control over the page title but I do get a menu option with Share, Find, and Open in Chrome options.

Gotcha…iOS takes you out of the app completely. You have to tap the “< Untitled” navItem in the corner to go back to the app and I think you lose your place in the app…


That’s Apple for ya!