Enlarge images in app

When I open images or pdfs that are links in the app, I cannot zoom in or out. I can download the pdf and then zoom, but how can I enlarge the images within the app? Thanks for the help!

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See if this makes it behave in the way you want:

Click from LAYOUT to FEATURES in the image component. Under ACTION - select “Enlarge Image.”

Thank you! I changed my links to images and then went to Features and changed to Enlarge Image. My images are a bit fuzzy even when enlarged. Do you know how to correct this?

Update: I changed the Feature to “upload link” and then I can clearly zoom in and out on a pdf, but the other file types remain small and blurry. Perhaps it is just the resolution of the images themselves.

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Hello, I don´t know why when i look for action “Enlarge image”, it don´t appeare. How can I look for it. thank´s

It’s not been made available in the new Glide Apps yet. I’m not sure if it’s on the list, but I know that it has been requested.