If the whole items in List Component are Images, why can't we use Enlarge Image

Hi, I got a list of images by letting user uploads their materials onto one table (spreadsheet) and then I query only the images back using filter

Thought I would find the “Enlarge image” here, but I did not. Why? Should it be able to? Or is it any workarounds I should do instead?

I use ‘Open Link’ myself, which works great on Android, but others have said that in IOS, that will open the image outside of the app. Another option is ‘Open Web View’, but I find that it opens a zoomed in version of the image. I haven’t used ‘Enlarge Image’ (when available) in quite awhile, but at least you have the other two options to consider. Neither are perfect, but it’s something.

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Do you think Glide could just allow us to use the Enlarge Image as an option in this case?

To me it seems reasonable. Hopefully they see this and consider adding it.

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