Enlarge image: Poor photo quality when enlarging the image in the application

Poor photo quality when enlarging the image in the application.
The same picture when viewed from a link in a good quality browser.
Is that how it should be?

My app’s URL: https://foldingbike.glideapp.io/

Can you point out where to find that image in your app? I only see three photos, none of which are that photo. There appears to be several tiles with no image at all.

I have changed the images. But nothing has changed, the image is still of poor quality.

Device - Iphone 6
Added video and file link

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I see the issue.
I suppose that the issue might be understanding what “Enlarge image” actually does.
I think that enlarge image actually just makes it possible to enlarge the image that is already selected - and as images in a list is of poorer quality then the original image then the enlarged image will also have poorer quality.
Glide rescales your images for list - say 1000 px wide - then the resolution a 1/3 lower (width wise) than the original.

I tried to open the image in portrait and horizontal mode on the phone. The image quality differs - and I expect that his has to do with the initial load of the image for the list. The horizontal mode is wider than portrait mode.

@mark How is “Enlarge image” supposed to work? If you do an investigration of the image used in the app then it actually seems to load the original image (see code below) - but the resolution seems to be based size of the shown mage (and thereby on the width of the screen on the phone) .

I think it would be great if “Enlarge image” actually used the image in full quality.

<img src="https://res.cloudinary.com/vz/image/upload/v1609008838/velo/Shulz/Hopper%20Mini/Hopper-Mini-1-ge.jpg" class="sc-dsXyEt fKhxPv styles_b__1HBpV" style="display: block; background-color: transparent; transform: scale3d(1, 1, 1) translate3d(0px, 0px, 0px);">

I tested on IOS 14.3 and Iphone 11pro


Yes, I also noticed that the image quality is better in horizontal mode

I wonder if this is an IOS/Safari thing. I tried on Android/Chrome, selected the first bike, then selected the first image on the bike’s detail screen (just like your video), then zoomed in. This is what I got:

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Thanks for checking. Then it turns out that this bug is only for iOS

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@Mark is this something that you can look into?
Enlarge image doesn’t work correctly on iOS

@Vladimir_Zambakhidze please send us your support link to support@glideapps.com

@eltintero Do you mean this link (“Get support”) ?
Снимок экрана 2020-12-28 в 21.22.16

I have an open chat with support ( @George_B )

Yep, just found it. It’s on the engineering queue. They’ll take a look soon!

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