Zoomed Image Quality

I’m trying to use an image of an eletric diagram on image component but when I enlarge it loses quality and becomes unusable. On the computer (as a file outside of glide) I can zoom and it retains the quality. Any ideas?

On what device are you enlarging it, and how big? Can you do recording and post a video of what you are experiencing?

It sounds like the original image could be a .svg, perhaps? Those scale perfectly to most any size. Although I have not tested it, from what you are saying maybe Glide converts it on the fly in the back end and creates a .png or .jpeg of a common size… I’m just speculating, I’ll have to experiment if I get a chance.

The original file was a pdf that I turned into jpg. Both formats work well on my Mac regarding the zoomed image quality. However on the app it becomes blurred when zoomed in. A workaround could be adding the “open link” function to the image and send to the dropbox link but it would be nice to not need this.

Any way you can attach both the PDF and the JPEG?


Seems to work fine for me on Android. I placed the image in an app using the same Dropbox url, opened with the enlarge action and zoomed in. Gave my old phone a workout, but it worked. Does it maybe take awhile to re-render the image once it’s enlarged?

Waited for 2 minutes and still blurred on ios 13. Did you use the jpeg? I guess the “open link” function will suffice if nothing else.

Yes, I used the jpeg. I copied the dropbox link, so it was pulling your image.
Must be how IOS handles images.

Maybe. Tks for the support anyway!

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Same with me on iPhone, it is blurry. It must be an iPhone thing.

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