Image quality on small tiles

Can the image quality on small tiles be improved please

Isn’t the image quality controlled by the actual image and the device it is being displayed upon? Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think Glide can do anything about that. I have seen posts about how they run the images through some software to compress them but have not heard of issues with the quality being degraded enough to be noticed on mobile devices.

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Perhaps the compression is too much? I am using latest iPhone 11 so certainly not the quality of the phone display. Very noticeable degrading of image quality seems fuzzy to me (top left images is same as full size image) hopefully the below images will evidence what I am on about - I’m fussy when it comes to image quality especially as the app is a very visual media

I see your point but it may have to do with scaling of the image. Here is a short clip of the results when using Gimp to scale the car image you showed. It’s a bit hard to see but the image quality does get significantly degraded to the eye as it scales down and even worse when the aspect ratio is altered.

Interesting, thanks for doing that, I’m sure there can be a better way so the image quality can be preserved. It is even worse when text is displayed - like a logo. I wonder what can be done…

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Up this, my logo shortcut look so ugly