Option to auto resize / compress image on Image Picker

I’m trying to create a community issue reporting app, and we’re getting intermittent network within the area

When I tried to take photo using the Image Picker control, it always upload the full size photo, which will takes a lot of time when the network is bad

Is there a way to automatically resize or compress the image before upload, so the app will only send much smaller data?


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I think compression happens once the image is uploaded to the server. Doesn’t help you much though. Would it be possible to adjust camera settings on the phone to take smaller pictures, or a third party app or camera app that handles compression of the image? You would maybe have to take the picture outside of the app, then select the file after it’s been processed on the phone. Just throwing out some random thoughts.

Thanks Jeff!

Yes, I agree, doing the resize manually before upload the files through form will speed up the upload

But in this case, users are diverse, some might not even know why the upload took so long, then gave up altogether

I don’t know if it’s possible to do in webapp, but if glide can do something like whatsapp did (they resize image, right before upload), I think it will save a whole lot of storage and speed up the upload

I checked the photo uploaded using this button, will take around 2.4 MB Screenshot_20200112-073740_Chrome

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@Jeff_Hager just checked my images and it seems they don’t get compressed? I used a 1.9mb photo as a display pic and the firebase version is also 1.9mb.

I don’t really know how it works. I remember reading something about compression happening, but I have no idea what happens when an image is uploaded.

No worries. Hopefully the glide team knows a solution.

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+1 for compressed images…

Just hitting about 400 images. And all images noticeably started loading more slowly.

I’ve been taking images from Facebook, so they’re already compressed. But nevertheless, it seems like an issue.