Image upload - Reduce size before upload


I have been building apps with Glide for a few weeks and I am very impressed by the capabilities it offers ! Congrats’ to the team :partying_face:
Yet one problem has left me stuck…

I need my app users to take pictures with their phone and upload them to my app. This is a critical part of the workflow. Currently it is working, but the uploading time is way too long. Especially if you combine super high resolution picture and low internet speed. Both parameters I can’t control…

Is there any way to resize the picture on the device before it gets uploaded ? I am not talking about blocking upload if the file is bigger than Xx Mb, as this would stall my workflow.

I have found no easy way to do it so far, and I am considering embedding a web view of a page only containing an “upload picture” button.

Thanks in advance for your help!