How to decrease size of images uploaded on Google Drive


I’m developping an "inventory"app allowing the users to upload pictures using the “Image picker” component. The pictures are saved by Glide on Google Drive (url like…).

The problem is that pictures taken with iphones are high-resolution, and therefore very heavy. Which means a lot of time to upload, and then to download for visualisation.

So I’m looking for a solution:

  1. Ideal option: Is there a way to specify to Glide that the images must be uploaded in low-resolution ?
  2. Or alternative option: how can the admin batch-resize all the pictures uploaded on Google Drive ?

Thanks in advance for your answers !

If you upload already taken pictures then you on the phone can choose size. But not natively on glide

It is not recommended to store images in google drive. Sometimes they won’t work.

Best option is to store images in glide but they will still be as large as uploaded.

I have shown a post below where you use cloudinary as storage and where you can control the size of the image

The app is not working as there are to many apps in the team

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Don’t confuse the terms. Files uploaded through the file and image pickers are uploaded to Glide’s Google storage, but it is NOT Google Drive. Google Drive and Google Storage are completely separate products.

Glide does not save files to your personal Google Drive.

Thanks a lot for your answer, Krivo !

On my Cloudinary account, I’ve now created a folder, configured the “Auto upload mapping” and the “Upload presets”. I’m now expecting to see all my pictures previously uploaded on Glide (and not on Google Drive, thank you Jef for the correction) appear in my Cloudinary folder. But nothing happens…

What else should I do to have my Glides pictures transfered automatically to my Cloudinary folder ?

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@Guirec you have to access ie show the images in the glideapp before the images is taken to cloudinary. Have you done that?

No, that was indeed the problem. Thank you Krivo !

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