Option to auto resize / compress image on Image Picker

Of course the images can compressed that much that they will get pixelated on desktop - but that all depends on the manipulation you do on upload :slight_smile:

In the demo app I’m doing the following transformation (done in the upload preset):


I’m restricting the size to maximum 1800 pixels in height and 1000 pixel in width (the parameter c_limit, h_, w_ does this). The quality is set to auto.
a_exif (a=angle) rotates the images according to the exif information
And then I also blur the faces of the people of the images - working semi-ok.

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Given that my users are on desktop, I think I will deal with the high storage over time rather than risk pixelation. Right now things look great even on my 32" widescreen monitor! Might still use cloudinary for the storage. Will check it out. Thank you again!

@deena try out a few images where you change the upload parameters - so you know what you will accept qualitywise.

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This would be a really useful feature. I know we’re going to run into storage space and connection issues if user generated photos can’t be compressed before upload. Please nice Glide folk, make it happen! :slight_smile:

There is no compression.

WHat he means is that the system loads
“the right picture for the right user system” but they still occupy a lot of space in the storage

I know this has likely been forgotten - almost 4mb for a cropped photo taken on an iPhone 12……

It’s really wasteful and potentially a very slow experience to not have a choice in upload size (or give us the option to define how big we take the images in). I have a pro app too, so I’m not overly bothered…. It just feels wrong for people on low bandwidth or pay as you go mobiles.

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That looks quite tasty! :yum:

Full size - my first restaurant meal in 6 months


Not sure if it helps but on iPhone, I have options of image size when I upload.

I had no idea! I’ve learned a thing :slight_smile: thanks!

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Well - only available when uploading from photo roll not when taking photo.


Ah, good point :slight_smile: in my telemedicine app, I force ‘use camera’ (at least for mobile & tablet users).

That does remind me, @Mark, about why I had a request to know the user’s device. If the user is on a desktop they always have to download, which means I need extra checks on timestamps.

A Min / Max option would definitely be useful.

Having to resize images through API is quite annoying.