"Enlarge Image" Action for Image Components Missing?


I’m following this tutorial for viewing image components full-screen, but when I go to add the Action “Enlarge Image” for the Image Component, I don’t see it from the drop-down menu.

This is the tutorial I am following: Glide • Adding images


Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 10.47.32 AM|453x499


i have the same problem!

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That action is currently only available with Classic Apps.
I believe it’s on the list to be added to new Apps, but I don’t know when.

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Thanks for the reply, Darren!

Hmm…interesting. Is there a workaround for new Apps that you are aware of?

No, not that I’m aware of.

I suppose you could use an Open Link action to open the image in a new screen. But that’s not a very satisfactory option.

Good idea! I have that implemented currently, but not ideal for when using the new Image Carousel feature, as it will only open the link for one of the images… :thinking:

And in fact, it then removes the ability to cycle through the Image Carousel.

I have the same problem

This is exactly why I cannot use the new carousel