Pinch and zoom images

Ok so I was today year’s old when realized you can display full sized images that can be pinched and zoomed on mobile.

  • Don’t display the image using an image component

  • Do display the image by using an action ‘Open URL’ where the URL is simply the image column (images are actually stored as URL’s).

Useful to have a regular image component then when the user wants to view full size they can tap to open the URL as a new tab.

I’m guessing most people knew this already, but there may be a few others like me!


I also did not know this, but I am so glad you posted this! In 2022, there used to be a dedicated action that was “enlarge image,” but that no longer exists for some reason, and I have been searching for a way to do this! You also explained it very clearly, thank you!

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Yeah, that action has not been brought over for the new Glide Apps.

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Might be worth updating the online documentation for image components to raise awareness….

Simon, can you walk me through this? Thanks in advance!

@Rene_Bibaud can you try this and let us know if it works?

May be this one can help?

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