Only one user can see the video component


I have an app to show videos. Only one video shows up at a time. Once I select “Done” the next video will show up.

I’ve set this up by using a Video and Switch component. There is a filter on the switch to show only those not set to true yet.

While this works for me, it doesn’t for the other user of the app. That user can’t see any video.

Done is a user specific column.

Any suggestions on what could be going wrong?


Okay, I’ve figured that this is because of the visibility set on the video component. I had set it to show only when Done is FALSE. Looks like this is incorrect.
However, other options are not working either.

So there is a sequence of videos?

Yes, there is a list of videos. Only one video shows up at a time since I’m using the video component. If the video has the boolean set, it should not show up.

Did some further testing… it seems like till I set and unset the Boolean value for all the rows, after previewing as the other user, it doesn’t seem to recognise there are more rows to show.

Let’s say you have 5 videos, so did you make 5 video components and 5 switches to write to 5 boolean columns? I’m just trying to understand your flow better.

What I would do in this case, is to make a single increment button, and use that increment value to look up for the video link.

So that’s only 1 video component and 1 button.

So if there are 5 videos, I make only 1 video component and 1 switch. Glide shows me the video next in list on its own. This behaviour works for me. I think I’ve figured out the problem with the boolean filter. I had to set it to Boolean is FALSE OR Boolean is EMPTY.

Thanks for looking into this!

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