Filter doesn't refresh the content

I have an app as follows;

  1. One tab with details layout
  2. Details layout has a video component and a switch component (Done)
  3. Filter on the tab which is “Done is FALSE or Done is empty”
  4. Sheet has 5 rows. Columns are Order - Video Link - Done. Done is a user specific column so there is a ROWID too.

App behavior should be;

  • Watch video
  • Click on Done
  • Video goes away and next video shows up.

Now the above behavior works perfectly in one app. I made a copy of the app and it doesn’t work. It shows only the first video on the list all the time.

However, if I refresh the screen, like I click on the Info button and come back to screen, it’s refreshed and shows the right video.

Any suggestions?


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I have been experiencing this issue too with dates and few other things. A lot of things are not working right now becz of new feature releases which are all over the place. Give it a few days, all will be normal again. Refresh and sync fix things but only for a time unless your on pro but even those on pro are experiencing similar issues. There is nothing wrong with your set up. It’s perfect. Good job.

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An alternative for your case is Robert’s method with StoryXpress here.

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Phew! Let’s hope that’s what it is.
Thanks :grinning:

Thanks for the share! This is a good link :+1: