Adding video clips

So I added a video on a section of my app, it looks and plays just like I want it to. But, that also created like a little video clip component to all my other section where I don’t need a video clip. If I deleted, I delete the one I also want to keep? What I am doing wrong on this section?

This is what I want in this section…

Not what I want here…

Add a visibility condition to only show the component if the video url is not empty.

On each section? So, in the sections that I don’t want to have this component…I’ll add visibility condition?

Describe what you mean by “section”. I’m assuming that each section is part of a list, which is sourced from the same table. If it’s from the same table, then each section is going to have the same layout. You only need to apply the visibility condition once and it will apply across all sections. If the url for each row is empty, then the video component won’t display. If it’s filled, then it will display.


It worked! :+1:

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