I have added some images in the component section of my app but also want to add a video. When I add the video, it gets rid of the image. Is there a way I can have images in some components and just a video in another component? It seems like it only lets me have one or the other without getting rid of what I already have added. For example, I have 7 components where I want to have an image but am also trying to add a video to just one of the components, not all of them, is there a way to do this?

You can add or remove any components you want and point them to any column you want in the sheet. If there is nothing in that column then the component will hide itself. Are you deleting an existing component and adding it as a different column. I don’t know if I understand your problem. What you want shouldn’t be a problem at all. Do you have a video or any screenshots?

So for the components like Bounce and Forehand Strike I have an image which is a GIF when you click on each of those components. For the Target Games component I want to add a video but when I add the video, it gets rid of all the images in the other components. Hopefully this makes sense?

Is this a list component or separate image and video components? It looks like a list. Can you show a screenshot of the components you are using on the right-hand side?

This is what my Google Sheet looks like, the only difference is i’ve put a video for Target Games instead of an image and I also wanted to add a link but don’t want this to happen in the other components. Thanks,

I want to add a video and link for just this one and not the others.

OK, it wasn’t clear to begin with. So your first posted image is a list and when you click on the item in a list it takes you to the details of that list item. You can’t have separate layouts for different items in a list. If you think about it, and you had 100 list items, you would be spending all day trying to layout each and every list item. Because of this, and like I’ve said countless times in the past, “layouts are tied to sheets”, so if you change the design for the details of one item in that list, it affects the details of all items in that list.

With that said, what you need to do is create separate columns in your sheet for images and videos. They serve difference functions so that’s why you need separate columns. From there you can add 2 components on your item details screen. The first one, an image component that will point the the image column. The second one, a video component that will point the the video column. Usually empty columns will not display the component if they are empty. Only fill the image column if you want to show an image. Only fill the video column if you want to show a video.

In some cases you may want to conditionally show component based on a certain value in the detail. Here you would set the visibility on each component you would want to conditionally show. That should not be the case here, but in the future you may run into a situation where this would apply.

Thanks heaps for that! Much appreciated, really helped me out mate!

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