Video issue

I have looked around the forum but couldn’t find the solution. I am trying to have this video showing on my home page. The app link is here

I used the image component as per the Glide instructions as it allows more choices for displaying it.

  • The video is 22 mb
  • I can play it in an incognito window
  • using Http vs Https doesn’t make any dfifference
  • The video does upload and play fine if I use the video component (but as I said doesn’t look nice).

Any ideas? Thanks

I don’t understand. You’re trying to play a video inside an image component? I can’t see that ever working.
Where does it say you can do that?

In the Glide doc that I linked to in my post.

But @Stephanie_Bonnet it says you should use the video component. Not the image component

It says it’s similar (as in, the process to add is the same as) to adding an image. Not to actually add it as an image.

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Ok, got it. I used the video component but it does give the black borders top and bottom, I was hoping to have flexibility on the presentation of the video like the image.
The stackmaker app that was showcased before has a video without those black borders. I’ll try to find the creator and ask them how they did it.