Is there a way to display images and videos in the same cards component?


My requirements are:

  1. display image and video files uploaded by the customer on their profile
  2. display image and video files uploaded by all users, sorted by timestamp on the home page.

I am wondering if any one has worked out a way to display images and videos in the same Cards components. Open to other ideas. Main requirement is that the display should be visual-first (so either Tiles or Cards)

I would give the items with video links featured images (like the video’s thumbnail), display the featured images in the card view, then the real video link inside the detailed view.


Interesting. Let me try that. Thank you.


Hey @ThinhDinh

Can you help me with video link display? I have the file format as .mov. I am using Video component to display. On playing through the video component, only the sound is audible but there is no video display.

Adding it to Card or Tile is not reading the video link.

Glide only supports MP4. Unless you are hosting elsewhere like YouTube or Vimeo.

Videos do not play within cards or tiles. Only In a video component on a details screen.

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Ok got it. Will the MP4 videos play in the Video component?

They should. The help document I shared is regarding the video component. It should tell you what the requirements are.

@abhilashabhatia Just a suggestion- consider displaying the gif of the video (use or paste an icon of video :movie_camera: on still image instead of just a still image so that users can distinguish between image and video.


Not for this specific case but when I send emails, for videos I add a fake play icon on a still image. The image leads to the link of the video (can’t embed videos in Gmail).

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Lol! The things we need to do to get attention

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Hey Folks,

These are user uploaded media files. User is uploading images and video files.

I have been able to separate them out and display all images as carousel and videos as an icon and clicking on it a detailed screen.

My problem now is - Since these are user uploaded video files, they are in .MOV and .MP4 formats. Most users are iPhone users and default video file type would be .MOV. Do you know of a way to connect the uploading action to external code to convert .mov to .mp4? Or any other workaround? I can’t manually convert each video from .mov to .mp4. Expecting traffic.

Link on this page for Video component tutorial is broken. The raw link displayed takes to Verge Science YouTube page.


Would a combination of Zapier and cloudconvert work in your case? Triggered with new/updated row on gsheets.

I just put in a feature request related to this in the app yesterday. It’s not live in the list yet but when it is, I will post to the community to please vote for it.


Hey @Deena

Can you point me to the feature request you created for this?

I am still looking for a way to display video previews or first frame as image and displaying them along side images in card component.

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Here you go!

Surprised this only has one vote. This is why I question the effectiveness of the features app. I see a ton of activity on topics in the community but it doesn’t translate into votes in the app. :upside_down_face: @JackVaughan Can you guys streamline? I like making features requests here because it’s easy for people to hit “like” but I know @Mark is forever saying to put in the app. There should really be only one place.

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My guess is that once deep-linking is possible, it will translate into a much more effective use of the Feature Requests app.

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Haha @deena see here:

Just like this:

Direct link to vote for this feature

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It brings me back to your post. Same thing happens when I try to access staging my current ID.

I’ll post the gif tomorrow for Mark. Can’t upload video from phone.

Anyhow yes, direct link would be good.