Add Videos in Tiles, Cards, and Titles


Is it possible to have the option of video to Tiles, Cards, and Titles instead of just images? Thanks!


That would make a neat video carousel be available. +1 for this.

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If the videos aren’t very long you could try gifs.

Agreed. GIFS are slow to load but the effect is neat:


I’d suggest this also :ok_hand:

I also use this in inline lists like a header using Detail screen, take a look! Seems awesome

Untitled_ Jun 12, 2020 5_20 PM


Nice idea to use a 3:1 tile as header


Thought about using Cloudinary to make some kind of a “Featured” image with some text on it for my news app. Definitely going to try this as an alternative, thank you Lucas!

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Bumping this. I’d like to be able to create a Twitter-style stream with playable videos using an inline list.

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You could use a custom collection in Glide Pages and place a video component within the collection.

Ah, I have a mobile only app, though, which doesn’t look to support containers?

Containers are different from Custom Collections, but have some similarities. A custom collection is like a container that is presented as a list/collection. It’s like a container that’s repeated for each list item.

No you can’t do the same thing with Apps. You would have to convert to Pages to do that.