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I have a file picker component that allows me to upload images/video to spreadsheet. Image thumbnails appear in tile view, but video thumbnail is blacked out. Allow tile view to display thumbnail of (first second?) of video (similar to that of the video component).

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Where is the video hosted? You tube? If it is you need to upload this url and replace the xxx with the individual video id


Hey Jason!

The video file would come from a users iPhone/Android device? So the video file would appear be in a video format uploaded to the app through the filepicker functionality in theory.

Oh ok, can’t help with that as I have only used YouTube videos so far, maybe someone else will have an answer, sorry


I am curious to see how you’ve been able to add YouTube videos to your app.

Here you go my friend have a read

@Rosewebstudio That’s a neat trick for youtube videos…what about the videos that are hosted by glide? This is the URL that’s generated after I upload a video:

Is there a way to pull a thumbnail from this URL? Here are the tags for this file:
“name”: “img-uploads/P80yO4MuwbK12dhJ4p6h/85e2a8.quicktime”,
“bucket”: “”,
“generation”: “1576165554409492”,
“metageneration”: “2”,
“contentType”: “video/quicktime”,
“timeCreated”: “2019-12-12T15:45:54.409Z”,
“updated”: “2019-12-12T21:06:13.442Z”,
“storageClass”: “STANDARD”,
“size”: “405637”,
“md5Hash”: “CQ9EZuKjcdyVM93HtUL7ig==”,
“contentEncoding”: “identity”,
“crc32c”: “edVWWA==”,
“etag”: “CJSg6Z+6sOYCEAI=”,
“downloadTokens”: “a12c6427-91aa-443a-88a9-4971fe05595d”

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No worries, no I don’t know the answer to that, yet. If I work it out I will let you know

I read somewhere that the default thumbnail of a video is pulled from the 5 second mark. Its’ possible that since your video is only 2 seconds long that the default that Glide is using can’t be obtained since there is not 5 second point. The second point is that it downloaded as a .mov file. Glide only supports .mp4’s. You only mentioned that the thumbnail is black. Does the video play at all?

That said it appears to me that on my MacBook in Finder the thumbnail that shows is from frame 1, or the very beginning of the video. I do have a questions however. Would the typical video your users would want to upload be under 10 meg? Because that is the file size limit of files uploaded to Glide. I think you will find that allowing users to upload videos from their phones into your Glide app will be very limiting because of the file size upload limitations.

I’m experiencing the same thing! I managed to find a way to display tile view thumbnails of uploaded video from Google Drive and from YouTube, but captured video from my iPhone results in an empty image component (take a look here:

Sweet. That did the trick!

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