Generating Thumbnail for videos uploaded by user

Does anyone know if there is a formula or method (oh yes, I am actually asking for a workaround!) - to generate thumbnails from videos uploaded using the file picker. I know there is a way to generate the thumbnail for youtube/dailymotion/vimeo hosted videos and already using that. Appreciate any ideas! :relaxed:


I used a default image for user generated videos. The client obviously doesn’t likes it as much as they would have liked a frame of video at the top. But to give it a feel that the user is supposed to click into it, I overlayed the default video image with the caption for the image. Used tiles layout.

Yes, default image is the only option I could think of as well - was hoping though to have a way to generate the thumbnail…will see if anyone else has a solution or this will definitely be what I have to do in the meantime! :sweat_smile:

@deena i‘m thought you could fetch the video to cloudinary and then use the way they generate thumbnails. But fetch doesn’t work for videos.
Auto upload does work with videos but I expect that this will not work as you have the video at glide and I don’t think cloudinary can get access to “folder”. But haven’t tried


I read something yesterday from Cloudinary (I think in their newsletter) where you can generate a thumbnail from a video. If it can be done, it’s through cloudinary, for sure

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I saw this today, not tried it yet :slight_smile:


Ah, fantastic. Thank you @Krivo, @eltintero and @Rosewebstudio! I will look into this. Funny how we often end up at Cloudinary’s door! :grin:

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@Deena let us know how you get the videos from glide to cloudinary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well don’t hold your breath, but if I get it sorted, you’ll be the first to know! :sweat_smile:


Anyone get this to work yet? Would LOVE to have a thumbnail url of the video uploaded through Glide. Very much needed in social media type apps.

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It also appears that videos uploaded via file picker aren’t displaying in video component or via direct link:

EDIT: Specifically .mp4 files. .mov files seem to work alright.

Not sure if this is what you mean, but I convert my mp4 files into gifs and upload those as previews.

That would be great if I could do it on the fly

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I use snipping tool, its a windows command that you can drag a rectangle to wherever on your screen and whichever size, when you let go it saves that area to clipboard, then just real fast paste in paint and your done. Save file and upload. The command for snipping tool is SHIFT+WINDOW KEY+S.

and you can paste it directly into these chat windows immediately after letting go of the box by just pasting it CTRL+V

I hope that helps you.


Like if you upload an mp4, a gif automatically populates on the front end? On second thought mp4 would have to be supported.

MP4, mov, whatever. If not a gift, then at least a static image of the first frame or whatever.

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Found a service! It’s paid for anything over 500 captures/month, it’s a bit slow (10sec), and I’m trying to figure out how to improve the export quality, but it works!


An example:


Forgot to link my attempt back to this thread:

Really wish we had a native solution for this. I want to publish a template eventually and this is ugly.
If it were a personal app, I’d use cloudinary. I don’t want to force my users to upload a thumbnail URL either.