Option to upload thumbnail for videos


I am trying to embed some videos to my app. I have been using videos uploaded on google drive for the same. The video viewing experience on glide is sub-par with other players in the market. For the first 2-3 seconds, the videos buffer and the thumbnail is also not visible. This results in high drop offs. I think if there’s an option to have a custom thumbnail image for each video (can be taken from sheets), it would be a much better UX.

Fyi, screenshot of the buffer in first 2-3 seconds

Please refer to this screen recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-uYK-R4OkAtWEzPHldB7bke9lCOxdADG/view?usp=sharing

The green image that appears at the end is the thumbnail of the google drive video. It took 7 seconds to load the video with thumbnail set by google drive.

We can’t see the recording, no access.

Can you check now?

Yes, I can see it now. Can I have a link to the app so I can test on iOS?

Here’s the link: https://gusty-support-2605.glideapp.io/

No problems loading on Android. Loaded the entire app within 6 seconds of clicking the app link. No buffering when I playing the video.

Same here. at most 6-7 seconds for me.

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I see. It might be my internet connection then because the issue persists with me (as would be for my users).

I did notice in your video that the little spinning loading wheel for the initial loading of the glide app wasn’t spinning. Not sure why, or if that would indicate a slow connection or device issue. You could do some experiments with one video or no videos and just some text. Just to see if that makes a significant difference in load times. It looks like yours took about 15 seconds to load, which didn’t seem horrible because you could see the whole time that the app was doing something. I have a 100 Mbps download speed, so that may not be a fair assessment from me.