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Hello. I have a question about seeing images on the glide app I’m creating and I hope you can help. I’ve had some success with a couple stand alone images but the ones I’m having trouble with involve website links. I’m wondering if I will see the pics to the website link when I go to publish. I kind of doubt it though so that’s why Im asking for help.

On several of my tabs I have 3 sets of data listed under the properties on the tiles screen. That includes: Title, description and image (which is a link). I can’t see the picture of the link. It shows the title instead when the image isnt available.

I’m not a coder and not the best with tech so I hope there is an easy to follow explanation. Thanks!

Do you have an example url? Does the website allow external linking of the image?

Idk if they allow external linking, Im mostly trying to link youtube videos an a few others

I can’t do anything with that url. That’s the link to your app builder for glide. What’s the url for the image?

So for example: this is one of the links to a youtube video I would like to add to Pre K page:

That’s funny I see a picture here clear as day of what I just sent you. Most of the links I want to share/add to my app are videos. I really appreciate you trying to help.

Well, you mentioned an image in your original post. Not a youtube video, so I was under impression that you were attempting to display an image that was hosted on a different website. It works in the forum because the forum knows how to build the video embed code from a video link. If you want to obtain a thumbnail image from a youtube video url, then check out this post:

Thumbnail images would be excellent! I’m sorry about giving the wrong impression. This is beyond my comfort zone but I do like the challenge of creating something new. Anyways, when I copy and paste the =ArrayFormula into a new column it says formula parse error. I tried chaning the B2:B to D2:D to work off that column and I’m not sure what to put in the { } column but still no luck because it reads ERROR at the top of the column. Also I imagine this would only work for youtube videos. I wish there was an easy way to grab and drop thumbnails. Thanks

Sometimes formulas copy weird into the forum. Go through the formula and replace all to double quotes with double quotes. I know that sounds weird, but it’s a different type of character that sometimes shows in the forum. Your change from B2:B to D2:D is fine, but I would leave the {11} alone.

I think I found the problem…see the spot where it says youtu(?:. the next two characters (looks like star and backslash, I dont have that star shape on my keyboard, should I replace it with something else) because that is where it is highlighted and says we can not parse this operator in this context

Also, the upside down quotes arent on my keyboard either so I couldnt replace them at this time

That’s the point. Replace the double quotes with the one that’s on your keyboard. Leave the “star” alone.

Just open the sheet from that post and copy the formulas out of it instead of trying to recreate it.

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That was a great tip to open the sheet and copy that instead of trying to recreate it. Now I see the thumbnails on one of my sheets. I’ll do this again for my other sheets. The issue now is I still don’t see the thumbnails on the glide app Im creating

I went to the tiles and properties and switched the image property to thumbnail but cant see it

actually hold on here. I swithced it to thumbnail url and now I can see it! This is exciting!

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I’m astounded and grateful for your ability to help me through this and I love the way I can see the youtube thumbnails on my glideapp now. Can I pick your brain for one more thing please sir? If I have a page with all youtube videos your solution above works wonders.
What should Ido with a page that has a mixture of youtube videos and links to other websites? I would love to get thumbnails for these other links too. I was thinking I could take a screen shot of the web page, save it to my google drive and then add that to a new column…but then I realized my data for image under properties is set to thumbnail url. I probably cant have both can I? Maybe I should just stick to youtube links when it comes to this app. Or I could create a new page with just links to information sites and try to include photos with that. What would you do? Thanks again for your help!

You’ll want to create two columns one for each type of thumbnail based on the type. Then have an if then column that will output one of the image URLs or the other based on type. Then, display the if/then column as the Image.

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