Let users add links to videos and display in app

I’ve searched for a couple of hours now, and could not find anywhere that allows member/users to upload a link to a youtube (or any streaming) video. I’ve never heard of an “Instagram” type of member platform that has no feature for members to post videos. Either that function is extremely well hidden or this platform is ignoring a fundamentally basic feature.

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You can do it :slight_smile:

You just need to place a text field in the post submission form. Then, on the post page, you place a video field, that matches that text field in the post submission form.

I hope it helps :+1:


Ok, great. So glad to hear that. Now, I’m hoping you can tell me just a little bit more detail. Where do I put the post submission form… in the Posts, User Profile, or the Users Tab?

Anywhere you want. I’d say Posts, but doesn’t matter. A form button can write to any sheet you want.

This is totally confusing. I created the post submission form, added a Video column to the Post spreadsheet, and connected them. The form button for the video appears and I can add a video URL. However, the post simply appears as an empty box. Even though the URL link appears as text on the box, it doesn’t do anything if I click on it. Is there a step-by-step instruction or video that I can follow to help do this? I fear wasting several more hours trying to figure this out.

Does this help? You can copy the app and ‘look under the hood’


Anything that provides some insight or clues can help. I’ll gratefully have a look. Thanks.

I did another trick with the links. I added a second page about 8PM EST.

It is a little more work, but may be what you are looking for.

Yes, I see. It’s still a bit glitchy but at least now I’m getting the videos to appear in 2 out of the 3 places I was trying to get them placed. Thanks again!

I created an example of how to get combined photo & video thumbnail images in a tile view: https://filteredlist.glideapp.io

Only way thumbnails don’t autopopulate is via filepicker->video. Youtube and Google Drive works just fine. Images uploaded or linked work as well. Not sure if firebase has a URL hack that will allow you to grab a thumbnail from a hosted vid…prolly something that needs to be made available on Glide’s end.

Thanks @Robert_Petitto for sharing. How did you do the top horizontal choice menu?


New Features: Circle Tiles, Inline Choice, Twitter Cards


@Aj2666 :point_up_2: Ditto


Thanks, I do not know how I missesd it :frowning:

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That’s pretty cool. Just one question… How was that done? The glide app doesn’t allow copying so we can’t see the mechanics of it. Thanks.

Not ready to allow copying yet…too messy.

The solution is simple though…two sheets. One as a placeholder for the choice list items (“Category”) with ref link to the second sheet (“Key”). I also included a one-cell “output” destination (“Selection”) for choice component. The second sheet of data is then filtered by the output cell in the glide app.

I’ll try to clean it up a bit and make it avail soon.


Hi Spencer! Can you reshare how you display videos from user entries!

Hi Robert, can you share the video thumbnail app again? How a user’s video entry can be display ala insta.?? Thanks!

Sure thing…are they uploading videos via the file picker?

Yes I’d like to give users the option to upload video then show them like insta posts! Any thoughts! Rio