Glide Freshie

Hi Everyone,

I’m new here having come from Bubble, then Adalo and now settling here! I’m relatively new to the platform and have already paid for a pro account after testing it out!

I will be asking a few questions from time to time so you can appreciate that I’m not yet an expert.

How can I create a ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Log In’ page on Glide, where I get specific user text inputs that immediately link to the spreadsheet?

Also, How can I link it so user can upload multiple videos like Instagram to their profile page and have it showcased (with autoplay) on the feed?

Kind Regards


You can use Public with Email or Email Whitelist which will require the user to enter an email for sign in. The login process is very basic and currently can’t be modified beyond what glide has provided. Once they sign in a record is added to a new App:Logins sheet. With the use of scripting, you can take the email address from the App:Logins sheet and add it to another ‘Profile’ sheet. From there you can add a place in your app, that uses per user data, and where the user can update their profile with the additional information you require.

Using the File Picker, you can allow the user to upload files, but there is a 10mb limit, so you will be very limited to the length of a video. Also each file picker component must be connected to a single column, so you can only upload one video and that link will show in the column. You can get around this by using a top-down approach and using a form button for each video submission. Then maybe with an inline list, you can show each video link. As for using a video component to view videos, I don’t think there is an option for autoplay.