Pull profile picture for user on another sheet


Ive got a video section in my glide app, and I want it to pull who uploaded it. But I can’t figure out how to pull their profile picture from the other sheet. This is probably very simple I’m but still learning glide.

See my sheets below


(for context, the final two profile pic columns look to see if ones uploaded and if it isn’t it adds a default one)


the user is chosen by a drop-down list in the upload form.
Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 13.28.26

Any help is greatly appreciated :smiley:

Just a suggestion first of all, I would recommend storing an ID or email of the user that uploaded the video. Using Name can cause issues if a user changes their name or you get two users with the same name.

If you choose to store an email, then you can easily add an Email Special Value component to your form. This will pull in the signed in user’s email automatically.

If you choose to store an ID, then you will need to add a RowID column to your user table, and then add a User Profile RowID component to your form. Like the Special Value components, it will automatically pull in values from the user profile.

Once you have that set up, then adjust the relation in your video table accordingly. Then add Lookup columns to retrieve Name and Photo from the relation.


I agree with Jeff’s suggestion with using a unique value to store when a form is filled.
You can get default values from the user profile coloumns section or unique values when adding an element in a form.

Once you do that, create a relation column in user’s table and relate it with unique key of user and the key store in videos table.

Create a look up coloumn and fetch the video URL