Trying to Pull In An Image from My Profiles Sheet

Hello, just having some trouble pulling in a user profile image into this Inline list:
The Image for all users resides in my Users Sheet. I’m trying to recreate a Relation column and Lookup column but can’t seem to get it right. Thanks for chiming!

Your image looks like it’s pointing at the Email column.

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Check your ‘Images’… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hint… :slight_smile:

Whoops I gave it away haha

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Right! ha But I don’t have an image option in the pulldown…


Hi Mark, right. I’m trying to pull in an image of the “Invitee”. Invitees are users.
User pics reside in the User Sheet.
“Relation to Users” is in my Send Messages sheet.
In that sheet is there another another Relation/Lookup column I need to orchestrate?

Can you show a shot of your Users sheet? If there’s an image column, it should be coming through in that relation.

Thanks for making time! Here are the columns I have so far.

There is a basic image column that I set up and manually placed in images.

I feel like I’m in surgery lol.

These are the Relation and Joined List for email. Let me see if that will work for pictures.


I’m not sure I understand the joined list for users or where that comes into things.

If the sheet where you’re trying to display images on has a relation back to the User sheet, and that relation is a multiple relation, it should pull in all the columns of the user sheet in that inline list you displayed. There should be no need for lookups when using the method you’re showing.

Can you show the criteria of the relation you’ve built?

You may want to try just doing an inline list with the User Profile sheet as the root. Then just filter it by signed in user if you’re just trying to get the image of the signed in user.

Also, why is there a “Lookup Name” column in the Profile sheet. I may be lost!

Here is a screenshot of the inline list.


Trying this now.

Okay but in the screenshot of the columns you sent, there’s no ChatID column. The relation going to bring in values from your “Users in chat” sheet. If there’s no photo in that sheet, then it won’t find it.

You need a relation on THAT sheet back to your User Profile sheet, then Lookup the photo so that the photo is displayed in your “Users in chat” sheet. Then it will show up as a lookup column your inline list with the users’ photos.

The idea behind this inline list to show the list of invitees and their image, name etc.

You may already have the relation in place. In your Users in Chat sheet, add another lookup column to pull in the users’ photo from the Profile sheet.

Indeed. The only Image for Users resides in the Users sheet. How can I pull in that column into the “Send Messages” sheet?

Trying that now.

Here are the steps that lead to the image finally coming in. Thanks for the suggestions. I had to leapfrog from the User Sheet, to Users in Chat, to Send Message sheets to pull in the image via Relation and Lookup:



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