Can i save images into a user specific column and display those images in an inline list?

I have a sheet with rows that hold details of different events.
I would like to show profile picture of all attendees for an event on the details page for that event. I would like to display those images using an inline list.

I thought of recording each users profile image (using set columns with their profile image) So that all attendees images will be recorded into one cell. Then create inline list from that column/cell.

Anyone know how to do this? Any solutions would be helpful.

How are you recording which people attend an event? If you have them as different rows in a separate sheet you can:

  • Have a relation using the person’s email/ID connecting back to the Users sheet
  • Have a lookup to get their image
  • Display those rows in an inline list.

User specific columns hold values specific to each user, so no one user can see all of the values inside of a user specific column.


I was hoping to record all details in one cell like with favourites or other user specific data. I see what Jeff means below, that data is user specific so only that user can see it. I was trying to avoid creating whole new sheet just for this, but your solution would be suitable, i’ll check that out.
Thanks for the help guys.

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