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I have a table with one row per item. One of the columns contains 10 URLs of images, separated by a comma. I have another column that does "Split Text’ to split each URL for each image within the column. Now I want to show all those images on the details screen of this item.

However, I can only show one image per row instead of in an inline list, instead of multiple images within one column. What can I do to show these images on the details screen?

This post may be helpful: 🐟🥖🧺 Transpose Columns to an Inline List: The Miracle Method


Thank you very much. That post has been beneficial. I made a table with rows 1 to 20, and a column that has all the values separated by a comma and then a column with each of the images in a different row.

I am also able to link the user table to the item table, so I can set the columns in the right way.

However, I am not able to get the new table linked to the column with the comma separated values. In the users table there is a lookup column which shows the comma separated images. But within this new table, when I try to select it, I can see all user rows, except for the lookup column with this value. Which I find very strange, as it does show some other lookup columns with values from other relations.

Any guess what could be going wrong?

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I got the solution; I just had to set a user-specific column, a text field, to the value of the comma-separated images, instead of a lookup column. Thanks!

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