Horizontal scrolling - filtered items


How do I setup my spreadsheet so I can make a horizontal scrolling with filtered images.
For the moment, each line has columns for subject, img1, img2, img3, img4, but I can’t figure out how to show (in detail view) only the images for that particular subject.
As far as I got it now, my horizontal scrolling shows ALL img1 of all the subjects.

Thanks for helping


Is this on a google sheet or glide table? You’ll need to create an array column and you can use an image component to display multiple images in an array, but that all depends on if you are using a sheet or table.

Sounds like you are adding an inline list that painting to the whole sheet/table. Lists are row based instead of column based, so that’s why you see only only the first image for all rows in the table.

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thanks for the reply, and with some searching for “array column” I could now add an image-caroussel with the correct images.
Not bad (and usefull), but… I want a horizontal inline list with those images.
I tried to add an inline list with the array-column as data, but without success…

Do you have any suggestion(s)?
(I’m using Google Sheet)


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If you want to use an inline list instead, then you’ll have to have a row for each image. Inline lists only work with rows. For that I would have 2 sheets. One to list the subjects, and one to list the images. The images sheet will need a subject column and an image column. Then you will need to create a multiple relation in the subject sheet to link the subject to the subject in the image sheet. Then you can display the subject sheet as a list and when you click on it to view the details, you can add an inline list in those details that points to the relation. That way only the images for that subject will display when you select each subject.

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I will try this, but I think this makes it difficult as I want to add the possibility to add images by the user. So this would take some actions to add a correct new line for each new entry.


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It shouldn’t be too bad. It does use more rows, but at the same time, you are not restricted by the number of image columns that are available for each subject. You could in theory add as many images as you want to a subject.

Unless I’m misunderstanding your goal, I also think it would be easier for a user to add images. Instead of multiple components for each image column, you would only need a single form that would automatically get the subject you are viewing and you would only need a single image picker component. Submitting the form would add the correct subject and image to the images sheet.

Otherwise, if you still wanted to stick with your original method, you would still have to convert those columns to rows with some kind of sheet transpose formula and basically take the data and dynamically build another sheet with everything tranposed into rows. Doable, but in my opinion, much more work than is necessary.

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I tried your suggestion with a seperate images-sheet, just to see if it works ( :innocent:). And it works, BUT…
in my images-sheet, the images are not included, but are a URL to an image somewhere on the internet. When I click on a image-preview (horizontal inline-list), the app opens a blank screen, not the enlarged image. (Action = view details).
How can I fix this?


Yes, that’s how it works. The url is stored in the database, not the actual image.

When you click on a list item, it takes you to the details for that row, since you have ‘View Details’ set as the action. You can design that screen however you want. If it’s blank, you probably haven’t designed it yet and haven’t added any components to the screen. If you want to see the image, then add an image component. Another option is to change the action on the inline list to something like ‘Open Link’ or ‘Open Web View’ and have it open the url to the image.

If you are using in image component then you could try the action “Enlarge Image” instead of view details.