Display multiple images from one airtable field

Hello, i have been trying to display few images from airtable as a scrollable image block, but it doesn’t seems to work in glide pages.
How can i show all of them? as list or single block?

Airtable: image — ImgBB
Glide: image — ImgBB

Hi Marcin,

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Unfortunately Pages still don’t have Image Carousel yet. You need a list to show all the images.

Thank you

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Hi again :slight_smile:

What do you mean by list?
I have all photos in one array and cannot split them to separate columns as user can upload x files in google form.

Then this would be your best bet.

Instead of inline list, it would be collection for Pages.


Any update on this? Would be very useful.
Now only possible to show 1 attachement , but would like to show more.