Display Lookup as Inline List

I am trying to create an inline list from a lookup on a column of images, but only the first image is displaying, I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. Thank you!



Is it a multi-relation?
Why use a lookup column? Why not just use the relation as the source for your inline list?

It’s a single relation. I am trying to just display the image, the two sheets are connected via a seed column.

So if it’s a single relation, then it’s only going to return one row - the first one that matches.
If you want all rows that match, then you need to use a multi-relation.

I did that and nothing is displayed in the lookup.

You shouldn’t need the lookup.
Once you have a multi-relation, you can use that as the source for your inline list.

I was using the sheet as the source and trying to use the relation as the image data. I see what I should be doing now.

Thank you!

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