What Type of Column Should I be Creating?


I am trying to create a column, so only the featured image for a business populates in this said column for an inline list.

I want to pull the name of the business and populate the featured image I have for that business in a single column. It’s all on the same sheet.


Use an image column and call it featured image.

I already have a column with the featured image…I want to pull it and copy it over to another column, but it needs to correlate with the business in the same row.

A template column would work if I am understanding you correctly.

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Would a relation column and a lookup column work to pull the featured image? Just use the lookup column for the the image component.

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I made these two columns, does that seem right? The lookup is not coming up as a data source for the inline list.

Hmm let me try!

It’s not coming up as a choice for source data :frowning:

From your screenshots, I think the relation should be set on the business name/ID rather than the featured image. From that single relation you can pull the name & image over.

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Then do that relation column as a lookup of the featured image?

My issue is none of the new columns are popping up as a data source when Im trying to make the inline list.

OK, based on your other post, I think I now understand what you are trying to do. Looks like you already figured it out? You’re doing a self relation to use and inline list for the circle image, correct? I do the self relation thing quite a bit too. I think the problem was you were using a single relation, and instead needed a multiple relation. The lookup column isn’t necessary in this case as you only need the relation to assign to the inline list.

That other post was for the homepage so it’s a single image. That was easy no relation or anything needed.

In this case, it’s for the directory, so each business has their own featured image.

Is there a minimum amount if relations that can show up when selecting a data source? Because nothing new is popping up.

Are you talking about the data source for an inline list? That only works with “multiple” relations.

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Ah yes! That was the issue. Thank you!

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Soo, it works if the business has the said photo, but some do not. For those, a multiple relation pulls the images for all businesses as blank boxes.

There’s no way to display a single relation?

Do as @ThinhDinh said and use the business name or row ID for the relation instead of the photo. Linking a blank value to every other blank value in the sheet is going to give you several results.

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