How do I see individual entries in each cell in a user specific data column?

I am trying to build an app where people can join challenges by switching a toggle button, which is linked to a user specific column.
I would like to get the data in this column - i.e. which users sign up to which challenges - and display it in my app through a list of members for each challenge, but I cannot find the way to extract this data.
I did find in the documentation that you can visualise user specific information through the preview function, but that does not help me in collating a list of users/and true values in my toggle field.
Can anyone help me figure this one out please? :slight_smile:

You have to bring them back to the Sheet via a form, there’s no other way you can access all of them without doing that in my opinion.

Thanks so much for your response Thinh Dinh.
I’d be really grateful if you could explain how I can do that. :blush:

Instead of using a toggle, you must have a form button which record the user’s email, the challenge’s name/ID into a new sheet, then that’s the data you need.

I see. Thanks!

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