Get user specific data

Does anyone know if there is any way to get user specific data?

For example, in a task for a certain category, the user can select whether he has already done it or not, using a user-specific Boolean column. But how could I get this data from all users in the category?

Let me see if I get it right. Besides you want the user to check the user-specific column, do you wanna see who marked by category?

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It would require rollups over user-specific columns, which is not available yet. You can only access that data by exporting data from the Editor.



Me and @Robert_Petitto found a way to do it inspired in the update of Glidegram by @Lisa . But basically it will count edits instead of rows (if you use google sheets. If not, Glide tables are the best option!).

Can you give us a real usecase so I can explain to you better?

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I don’t actually NEED it now :sweat_smile:, I just wanted to know if it was possible and how it does it!

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This is exactly what I did here:

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Thank you very much!!!