Global-specific column

is like user-specific but visible to all, to avoid sheet edits usage for not important data like all kind of counters, likes, comments that you dont want to collect but is cool to have it…
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Is this basically so that you can rollup user-specific columns (for things like counting likes across all users)? If so, that is already a feature request here:

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not exactly, is to have a regular column, witch is not counted in sheet edits.
so many data is not really important, is just for fun or internal calculations or conditions…or just for cosmetic purposes, that it dont need to be on google spreadsheet

I guess I’m not understanding how something like that needs to be a global field as opposed to a user-specific field. If one user increments a column, it increments for everyone?

Or is it so that every user can have access to everyone’s user-specific values?

yes, if one user increment column it will be visible for everybody.
the benefit is: it will not decrease sheet edit limit

I like the idea!

It could be like a public variable able to be read by any user and in any table without creating a relation or a Simple Value as plan B.


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that would be even better! GLOBAL-COLUMN (non user-specific) available in all tabs!!! love it!
is like User profile for Glide … lol

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Great Idea! This column wouldn’t be stored in your google sheet, right?
You mean like a glide table but for columns? :+1:

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YESSS! that would create so many possibilities and eliminate so many workarounds…
so many feature requests i made, would be easily solved just by having this column

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and i can bet, that will eliminate many of relation and lookup columns we have to create, that makes working with data editor very difficult and confusing

Creating a user-specific column in ‘user’ table works pretty much like a global array. This make the value available to display in almost every component via user array, also you can set column value from some components.

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this is not what this is about @everys, i want column to be visible to everyone, not user specific and it will be not on google sheet

that’s the ‘single value’ column you called from a Glide table then, right?

no, i want to have a column, not in Glide table, not in google sheet, not User-specific and visible to all users
so is like user-specific but is visible to all like regular column

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