🆕 UPDATED Glidegram - social media app (follow/unfollow, unread messages & more)

@Lisa is this updated version available for copy/duplication?

How do you manage viewing your followers? Is it an appending of a join column?

The buttons link to “This item” screen with an inline list of public profiles, filtered by a join list column of the user’s followers/following

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Not yet, still pending :upside_down_face:


Right! That’s what I was thinking…so, is unfollowing (and then refollowing) possible then?

Absolutely, I have a formula to account for following and unfollowing


Awesome…but what about the following?

How do you handle unfollow? Do you delete the relationship row in the UserToUser Sheet? Or do you have a column in that sheet that marks that relationship now invalid eg. “Delete=True”?

Right. I have “unfollowing” capabilities on my group chat template BUT it’s really just a filter that never allows the user to “rebelong” the chat.

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What do you mean about “the following”? I follow and unfollow in the video and I get removed as a follower. The same would happen with the following count and show me as no longer following the user if I unfollowed them, and add me back if I follow them back.

For the following view:


That’s amazing. Can’t wait to purchase your new template!

I’m stumped on how you track other people who follow you or how you can see other people who follow someone you follow …unless there’s one row per follower?


This is so genius! Oh! I am amazed. I can`t wait for the template to be ready. Glide team, please hurry!
Thank you so much Lisa, this helps me so much.


I made something similar in my Ritual app, but confess with button bar now it goes to another level :star_struck: :fire:


Well, thinking better I don’t know what you did to see followers and following of another user… that’s tricky! :anguished:

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Thanks all - I think I’ll just make a template for following/unfollowing. Looks like Glidegram is a little too similar to the original - the old template is no longer available :upside_down_face:

I’ll update everyone when I have a new template for just following/unfollowing


Discovered :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Wow!!! I love it!

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Thank you, @Lisa! :grin:

Thank you @Delia_Garcete_Dionic!!