Issue with Avatar Image

I’m using Cards in Inline lists in two places, with the required relation and image lookup on the source tab for the list but in one of the lists, I am not given the image lookup to assign to the avatar. Quick 1m35s video here:
Check out this Video

Check out this video:

Appreciate any thoughts!

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Any chance it’s a lookup on a multiple relation?

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Not gonna lie, relations still have my head spinning. Any relation I’ve successfully set up has been through trial and error - despite watching the tutorials over and over! I do not think this is a multiple relation. I related the email (special value) to the user’s NAME in user profiles and then a lookup because the relation turned up the unique ID. I then did lookup from that relation to the image as well. Both show in data editor (image and name) but neither available for Avatar.

You mean relating the email to the email in user profiles right? It turns up the unique ID because it’s the first column in your profiles sheet. It shows that “There is something matching we have found here” and if you want to pull something back from that relation you must use lookup.

Can we have some further screenshots of those settings? You can send me a private message or post it here.


Thank you! I will do this tomorrow-I’ve hit my 17 hour daily limit on my Glide obsession. :wink: