How do I get another column value by using Lookup?

Or, at least I think I need to use Lookup column. Here is my current app: I want to show user friend’s story

In the User Friend table below, I already add link to picture from Users table

But I can’t show them in Inline List. Was expecting to have below image field showing Picture column. But can’t see this.

What I am doing wrong here?

Is your relating single or multiple? You can only pull lookup values through a single relation.

I think it is single… but let me rewatch glideapp video about it.

Your Email Friend column needs to be used to create a single relation to whichever table contains the full user profile. Then a lookup column to retrieve that user image. Maybe that’s what you are doing, but I can’t tell from the screenshots. Looks like your relation column is empty, so I’m not sure how you have that set up, and I don’t see a Lookup column, so you’ll need to add that if you haven’t.


Yes! Great. Thanks!

Just realize that I first need to create relation column THEN a lookup column.
Was thinking it is one step process!

I have been searching for a way to add picture and username from Users table by Friend Email. Now I can easily add Lookup column for that.

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