Lookup Showing Same Image for All Staff Members

I’m using a lookup to lookup an email in another tab using a relation, but it’s returning the same image for all staff members. Any idea on what I’m doing wrong here setting this up?

Support Link: Glide

Can you show how both your relation and your lookup are configured?

Your screen shot shows an inline list. Is the relation in question the source of that list?

Ok, here’s how I set it up…


hehe, I think you might have realised near the end of the video that the Lookup isn’t right :wink:

It should be fetching the image via the relation - the previous column.

The way you have it at the moment, it’s selecting a whole column of images from the same table, and returning an array of images.

Actually, it looks like you already have a lookup column in that same table that’s returning a single image - so now I’m wondering why you’re creating a second one? :thinking:


Ok thanks so much, I’ll check it out. I think you’re right.