Add video

Guys, I see that there is a component named video.

I need to make a “how to” video. What column shall I make so I can upload a video? Is there something specific that I need to follow?

Thank you

All you need is a column with a url to the video.

The video is saved to my pc. I recorded it. It is not a link

You’ll want to upload it somewhere. Upload to glide with a file picker if it’s not too big. Youtube, vimeo, Google, dropbox are other options, but I really would NOT recommend Google drive. Doesn’t matter where you put it. Just get it published somewhere on the internet.

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Fiz esse app para exemplo, você vai selecionar o vídeo do seu dispositivo se for igual ou menor que 10 MB ou inserir o link de onde você tiver hospedado ele, Ex: link do vídeo hospedado no youtube

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