New Features: Circle Tiles, Inline Choice, Twitter Cards

Circle Tiles

Inline Choice Layout Option

Twitter Cards

Open this tweet to see them!



Trying out the Inline Choice (took about 2 seconds to change!


That’s also the first thing I used it for. Sadly that choice is shared by all users ;D


@david i’m wondering why you I public apps haven’t made it possible to do session/device specific filtering/calculations i.e. where values not shared with everyone. You have done it when selecting a list item/buttons - these selections are not propagated to every users.

I have an app where you can navigate all meeting rooms. The rooms have different capacities. I would like to make the user filter out meeting rooms with a certain capacity but when he sees the list another user might change the selection at the same time and the first user will get a wrong result.


So on public apps you are saying that if several users are using the app at the same time then they will see what other users are doing? So if one user change the filter then all users filters will change?

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I am not sure if this only specific to public apps. I think this would stand true even for Pro apps. Let’s see what Glide team has to say about it and what solutions they would bring about

For filters set using the choice component, there are several use cases. Yours, where the filter / choice should or could be user specific / per user session. And another use case, mine, where some choices are made at admin app level for public app configuration. And in this case, if an admin A has set a config value using a choice component, I do expect this config value remains as it has been set when an admin B will connect the admin app and will work on the public app configuration.

Both use cases should be taken into consideration, right. An idea is probably to have an option in the builder for choice component : either user specific or user session specific, either global.


Have you tested the per user columns (don’t remember the exact name) in staging. I haven’t played with it myself yet, but I think this would solve the problem for many people. My only concern is how or if it will work for public apps.

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On the inline choice component. How do I have it without the dash being the first option (for forms)?


sweet stuff keep it going!

@Krivo We’ll have something for you very soon.


Love it, thanks team!

@jeff thx for replying. I think we had the discussion some time ago. The issue is that I do not want to use per user data as I don’t want people to sign in (due to gdpr). Mark has now told that something is coming up soon. Can’t wait :sunglasses:


@Rosewebstudio Well, that is the situation as it is problematic for what I want to use it for

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+1 to this!

Try making the choice required.

I’m hopeful that the new column type will work for public apps. I’m not sure yet. Might have to play with it in staging.

Me too

Tried making the choice required; dash is still there (see screenshot).

How did they remove it for the demo?

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