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I created links for photos that are in Google Photos, and now I am copying those links into cells so that the photos (from Google Photos) shows up in my app. However, the images from my Google Photos links do not show up. I checked to see if the image link is “public” by opening the Google Photos link in an incognito tab, and it opened correctly, so I assumed the link was public (therefore I assumed the image would be visible in my app).

Does anyone know why the photo does not show up? Do Google Photos’ links not work for this purpose?

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Do you have an example of a link that doesn’t work? Is there a reason you don’t upload them to Glide?

Here is the Google Photos link that I tried using:

I put that Google Photos link in a cell, and this cell is in a column called Images. Every other link in the Images column is from an actual website (such as this link from Feasting at Home: and every other link in this column has the image show up properly. This Google Photos link is the only one where the image does not show up, as it is the only Google Photos link in my spreadsheet. Maybe the Google Photos image isn’t showing up because my Google Photos link doesn’t end in “.jpg” or “.png”, etc?

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “upload to Glide”. Would you please clarify this?

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That’s a link to a webpage, rather than a link to the image itself. To link directly to the image, you’d need to inspect the source of that page and determine the actual image link. Which in this case is:


I now understand why the image was not showing up. Thank you for explaining that to me.

The information webpage you linked has made me realize how easy it is to drag-and-drop my images, which is what I will do from now on.

Thank you very much for your help and quick replies!

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