Linking Photos from Google Drive

Hi Everyone! Question, I am trying to link photos from my google drive so that the images show up on my app. But when I link them and I go to my app, the photo doesn’t show up, only the google link does. Does anyone know how to fix this?

The image link must be in cells of the sheet, then you use in your app an image component pointing on this or these cells. Is it what you do? In case you did, do you use the “share link” of your photos?

I have the same issue. The link I am using is public, it’s in the sheets column and it is not appearing.

File format issue? What format are the pics? Sure you’re using an image component? It Should work!

It seems you can’t link from Google Photos, just photos uploaded to Google Drive at this time.

Google photos works if you:

  1. Create a public link to the photo via Share
  2. Visit the photo link
  3. Right click the photo and select copy image address
  4. Use that link in Glide

Thank you!