Google Drive-hosted images not displaying in app

I can’t get the image to pop from “Image” column with a link to public shared photo. The box is an empty light blue.

My sheet:

My app:

Are you using the share link or an internal Google drive view link? It looks wrong. The link should say “…file…” in the middle of it.

Looks like you got it. That’s the weirdest looking Audi I’ve ever seen.

I thought I used the proper link. I clicked “get shareable link” and selected “anyone with link”.
To be certain, I’ve done it again. Here is photo link:

?? You can see it in the app? I can not :frowning:

Not in the app. Did you Reload sheet? Are you pointing the image to the correct column?

I have reloaded several times. In this home screen layout I don’t see the “Image is a URL” thing. I can not remove the “image” line and redo it. I have selected the “Image” column.

I can get 1 to work … but not others. Guess I’m making progress.

I wonder if it’s the way you are sharing it. I can open both images in incognito mode. The urls look fine. Nothing is standing out to me. Maybe it knows that a Blazer is not an Audi.

If you plan to use the image picker anyway, then you wouldn’t have to worry about putting images in Google drive.

I have someone taking pictures with a phone (not me).
What is the best way to these images selected?

If someone is taking pictures with their phone, then they can just use the image picker component in the app to upload the images. They are stored in firebase instead of google drive, but should work well in your case.