Image not working

Images not showing up. Only link to google sheet.

We’ll need more to go on than that. Have screenshots of the sheet/app builder?

Place the image link in the image field…not the details.

Got it. So is my column off in my google sheet?

@Robert_Petitto Thanks for jumping in, but unfortunately I know what’s going on based on the screenshots.

@Mark_Erickson We are currently having issues loading images from Google Drive. We’re working on some workarounds right now. We can’t commit to a specific date for this to be fully fixed, but we’re trying to fix it as quickly as possible.

One thing you could do to work around the issue is re-upload all of your images through the app itself. These images do not go through Google Drive and should work as expected.

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Great. Thanks for the input. I was under the impression I needed to have my image on my google sheet. So is there an instruction video on how to upload them straight to the app?

Check out our Image Picker component:

You can use this inside the app in the builder to swap out images. This is also something we haven’t documented anywhere, but you can drag and drop images from your computer directly on to Image components and we upload a copy to our own servers.

Right…Drag and grip the image over the gray placeholder and it will upload directly to the app.

Google issues aside, you are setting this column to your image column, correct?


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Thanks. I think I’m on the right track.

Correct. Thank you.

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