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How can I show list of video link in a inline list in glide pages like an image we normally do.

If you are using YouTube videos, then use a YouTube thumbnail plugin that will automatically extract the thumbnail of the video.

On your inline list, set the image to that plugin column.

If you are using your own videos, then you can create a new image column and add a screenshot of video for the title picture.

Maybe our certified experts have some better way to do that though :smiley:

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I need to display videos like this what i did in image with or without thumbnail.

is this possible or we can list one by one only?

Also i need,if clicked it should open in youtube.

i retrieve the link and name but im not displaying anything.
what should i do to display an video like image if clicked should open in youtube.

Now i retrieve something but my second thumbnail is not retrieving from youtube link.

Table screenshot

I found out the problem that if we put the videos link of youtube it works,but if we put the youtube shorts video in the link its not generating the thumbnail.

Hi @Manikandan_R,

I believe that you don’t return a thumbnail because in your URL you have shorts! If you add this URL on a video component you will not see the video too.

But you can format the URL with a template column and add that Template column on the YouTube Thumbnail column! Check here : Support for YouTube Shorts in the Video component - #2 by Dilon_Perera

Also made a video : YouTube Video Thumbnail.mp4 - Google Drive

Hope this helps!

Thank you