How to use videos' default thumbnails in inline list view?

I am getting trapped with inline list feature. I need functionality when the user can click on the episode they can watch, bookmark and comment on the video.

You must have a generated image link for your videos, otherwise it won’t be showed in an inline list. Just when you click each item the video with preview thumbnail will be showed.

For bookmarking, you can use the favorite feature. For comments, you can use the “comment” component.

May I ask you store them on YouTube or somewhere else?

Hi, have you resolved this problem? If you still struggle with it I’ll try to help. If it’s stored on YouTube I have some formulas for generating the thumbnail link automatically.

As of now I am using YouTube links just for presenting a demo of the app. But we definitely using Gdrive video in future. It would like to auto generating the thumbnails for the videos. Because creating individual image for each video and upload each on gdrive takes a lot time.

Screenshot of spreadsheet:

One more question is why some untitled cards appears in the home-screen. What’t logic behind it?

Can you share with me the link of your app so I can check that “Videos” tab?

I sent you a message. Please check.

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I’m curious how you do this :slight_smile:

Hi Naos,

YouTube store thumbnail images in links with the same format.

Basically what you need is:

  • 1 column to generate the ID of the video.
  • Push that ID into the predefined format and there you go.

Here is the link that contains the info you need:


this is exactly what i am looking for. only issue is that if i post a url for mobile version of youtube it doesnt work.

  1. - ERROR
  2. - OK
  3. - OK

Here’s an alternative.

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