YouTube gallery

I have a table with just YouTube video links, and that’s it.

Trying to make a repeater of sorts that can just go through this list and display each as a video. Seems the “video” component allows grabbing URLS from a dataset… But I can’t get it to work within a list format.

Any ideas?

Assumed its just not a feature, one way around this might be to assign some automation (zap …etc) to check each URL and grab its image/title/etc and paste as meta on the tables

Then to display as list/use image grabbed - then finally on details page, use video component to actually show player.

But this is all pretty clunky imo, I just want the video component to be usable in a list. Or to be repeating itself.

You’re not going to get the video component to show in a list. It’s not an option. Your best bet is to display a list and put the video in the details screen for the list items. Or you could simply place several video components on the same screen if you know the maximum number of videos you would have.

If you are exclusively using youtube videos, then you can use the ‘Youtube Thumbnail’ column to get a thumbnail image to use for your inline list. As for the rest of the info, you’ll need to use an API that will let you fetch the specific information you need about that video.