Youtube thumbnails

Create youtube thumbnails when embedding videos. This can then be used as the image field


Does anyone know how this works on YouTube and possibly other sites. Meaning is there a specific frame number that is automatically selected to be the thumbnail. I believe you can choose one and have seen cases where the thumbnail is not even a frame that is found in the video.

Found this yet to work out how to do it in google sheet. Any help?



You can get a thumbnail for any YouTube video given the video ID:

Using the Template column, you could derive Video and Thumbnail columns from a Video ID column.

Interesting, if anyone has a template like this running, please share what the screenshot looks like!

Gonna have a play later to get it working so will share once I have cracked it

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Great! Want this too!

Here is a quick and dirty example. Just copy the spreadsheet and create a Glide app. Then enable add and edit to change the YouTube links. Make sure to only include YouTube links that look like this: with nothing else after the v= but the video ID, since there could be other parameters listed, such as a timestamp to start playing the video, which would break the formula logic. The arrayformula that parses out the YouTube ID from the URL relies on the equals sign to get the ID for the Image link URLs.


Appears solution presented, topic closed.